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What do you do for work?

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I spend my week working as a Communications & Events Manager which keeps me really busy. My office is pretty casual in terms of workwear but I still like to look pretty professional even though I am allowed to wear jeans. Probably the best of both worlds in that I can wear jeans if I want but can also dress it up too . I find when I put that extra effort into my appearance (and that includes my makeup and hair too) I feel more put together and I can manage the pressures of the day easier. 

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It sounds crazy but clothes can definitely have that power.

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I paired these culottes (yikes they were $5 on sale at DFO Brisbane) with this great top from Seed. I wear this top all week long (to work and church and on the weekends). I wear a lot of black tops but it's always fun if they have a bit of detail or difference like these fun sleeves.

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I think these culottes would look great with tops tucked in, particularly if you wanted to make the look more corporate, but I personally don't love how I look with them tucked in. Much more flattering with a shorter length top (not fully cropped) or an asymmetrical length top. It definitely took some playing around with different items in my wardrobe to make them work for me but for $5 it was pretty hard to go wrong!

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That would be my "fashion" advice if any from this post - don't spend a lot of money trying out trends or things outside your wheelhouse - make sure it's cheap or returnable! 

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That's all she wrote folks.

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Culottoes: Jacqui E
Top: Seed
Shoes: Country Road
Bag: Vintage aka op-shopped over and over and I'm not sure what label it is!
Earrings: Lovisa

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