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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

WOW! I am so excited about this!

I have never before created a gift guide which makes sense as this is my first Christmas while fashion blogging!

I would loved to have created full gift guides with options like ‘what to buy your Dad’ or ‘for the girl who loves to travel’ however I really can’t give much advice on what to buy Dad’s and I am quite low on the ole time front. Maybe next year I can get myself more organised.

I have however created a gift guide that will still hopefully help and inspire you with your Christmas shopping. To create this guide, I basically found items I already own or would be so stoked to receive. I tried to think through things that almost everyone would love and that are a bit unique or at least a unique twist on something standard (i.e. a candle).

A friendly reminder that if you’re buying online, Australia Post cut-offs are like.. this week/weekend.

The #NeverEndingNeutrals Christmas Gift Guide!

The #NeverEndingNeutrals Christmas Gift Guide!

1 - Witchery Scarf - $39.95 on Sale

I put this beautiful Witchery scarf on here (it’s one I already own) because it’s on sale and the print and quality is so gorgeous however any silk or similar head scarf would be amazing. I’m so into head scarfs at the moment so they were a must on my guide.

2 - Go To Face Mask - $9 each or $45 for a pack

I love all the Go-To products because of the amazing packaging and I know the quality of the products is there too. These sheet masks are all the rage right now and you could either buy a singular mask or a pack depending on budget.

3 - The Ceramic Mill Keep Cup ($33-35)

If you don’t have a keep cup yet.. well.. it’s time to get one! Help save the environment and look cute doing it. Better yet, support a local business like The Ceramic Mill. I love this brand because they make all the different sizes including PICCOLO keep cups! I have the 6oz size and it’s brilliant. I don’t love drinking out of plastic and this feels a lot more like drinking out of a real coffee cup. They also have really cute Christmas ornaments too!

4. Monopoly Deal ($10-15)

You could buy this many places and you definitely should because it’s such a fun game! Don’t let the long hours spent playing standard monopoly put you off - this game is more like uno but using the monopoly concepts and it’s brutal, quick and fun!

5. Bell Frankie + Co Earrings - $70

I love receiving jewellery for birthday and Christmas presents and the whole Franke Bell + Co range is stunning! Always double check that the person you’re buying for actually has their ears pierced (awkward moments like that should be avoided).

6. Vintage Style Books - $15

Ok, so even if whoever you’re buying for isn’t into reading - these make the most beautiful decorative elements on a bookshelf or otherwise. I love books but I particularly love pretty books so I feel like this is a safe buy because it can have multiple uses. Just wrap a gorgeous ribbon around it and it’s basically good to go because it already looks so pretty!

7. Bianca Cash Diary/Planner - $45

Everyone needs a good diary and it’s the perfect timing to receive one for Christmas. This diary is particularly for your friend who is a bit extra and loves a beautifully designed diary. I am pretty picky about my typography and Bianca Cash just nails it. The cute details inside the diary aren’t too excessive and the quality of the paper is amazing. Plus, another great chance to #shoplocal instead of buying a mass produced diary from just anywhere.

8. Pots for your Plants from Arc & Family - $90

Seriously, greenery is all the rage and I think almost anyone would be pumped to receive a new plant for Christmas. Head to Bunnings or your local nursery for a great plant or go luxe with a beautiful pot from Arc & Family. Also you must pop into their stores and check out the beautiful pink cafe area too!

9. Sussan Handbag - $59.95

I LOVE these beautiful bags I’m seeing everywhere and it’s exactly the kind of thing you wouldn’t probably buy yourself but would be an amazing gift to receive. It goes with so much and is the perfect “trend” element to add to outfits this Spring/Summer.

10. The Luxuriate Candles - $99

Ok, this is for all the candle lovers in your life. The Luxuriate candles are next level! They are these beautiful cases and then you buy inserts of what sound like the most delicious scents known to man. What I love is that the case you keep forever but once the candle runs out - you can just buy the refill or even have a few on hand to mix around. Less waste that way too! They aren’t cheap but they really have the WOW factor!

12. Kita Designs Earrings - $12-$26

I love supporting my friends in their ventures and Kita Designs has the most perfect range of earrings. You could buy something festive or something more classic and know you’re supporting a local Brisbane gal too!

Hope you enjoyed the gift guide! Let me know if you have any questions or need some further recommendations - happy to help where I can!

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