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Concert attire 101

Concert attire 101


I love music and in particular love seeing my favourite bands and artists live. I probably average about 5 gigs/concerts a year and have learnt a few things along the way about dressing for them.


Comfort is key. You of course want to look nice but so often these concerts involve a decent amount of walking (from the random place you had to park your car or using public transport) and then you are usually standing for either the whole night or a good chunk of it. Add in odd weather factors (either it's inside and warm because of excess bodies or outside and you have to factor in rain etc).


Sneakers. You just gotta do it friends. I could never easily make the sneaker trend work for my figure but I found the best possible options I could and just went for it. Avoid the wide Stan Smith's style sneaker and stick to slim line styles and just rock them. I would also avoid wearing your favourite sneakers or white sneakers as there's the mud factor if its wet or the dust factor if its dry. Scrap the last piece of sneaker advise if your concert is indoors.

Jeans. Even though it was stinking hot this past weekend I still wore my jeans and I typically always wear jeans to concerts. Anything can happen at a concert and it's just safer to be wearing pants. The other reason for jeans is because anyone who is not teeny tiny would know that lots of walking in sticky weather is well, sticky. At least with jeans everything is contained.


I wore this outfit to the Paramore concert on the weekend and I'm glad I went very casual for this concert as we had a huge summer thunderstorm and we got drenched. I was very thankful for my practical outfit in that moment.

It's simple and practical but still cute (I think)!

Jeans: Forever New
Top: Seed
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Witchery
Watch: Fossil
Sunglasses: Witchery

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