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Easter Sunday (& Work & Weddings) Attire

Easter Sunday (& Work & Weddings) Attire

Floral 2.JPG

I initially bought this dress for a wedding and when I did, I honestly didn't know if I'd get much wear out of it. It's such a bold print and as you can probably guess, I'm really more of a neutrals kinda gal. Boy was I wrong!

Floral 3.JPG
Floral 4.jpg

I wear this dress ALL the time. I wear it to work on a Monday or to church when it's overcast - pretty much any time I know I might be weary looking or might need a boost - it just makes me feel so bright and happy when I wear it.

Floral 5.JPG

For that reason I think it's the perfect choice for Easter Sunday church, a day when I feel bright and happy!

Floral 6.jpg
Floral 7.jpg

I think the flattering cut combined with pleats make it a really great dress for me. I feel good in it and I think that shows. I think fashion has to make you feel good about yourself and if it doesn't, we need to change our thinking and maybe some of the pieces in our wardrobe.

Floral 9.jpg
Floral 10.JPG

I also wear this with flat sandals and black heels to dress it up or make it more casual or even corporate. My only struggle now is that it's starting to appear in every photo I take at a baby shower or critical event. I must need to go out and find a similar but slightly different option. My wallet thinks otherwise!

Floral 11.jpg
Floral 12.jpg

Dress: 'Leoni' from Enrapt Boutique at Wilston
Shoes: Country Road
Bag: Tony Bianco
Sunglasses: Forever New

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