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Festive and fun

Festive and fun


Christmas is the best time of the year even though it’s also the craziest time of year! I love how social everyone is and how frantic everything seems (weird I know). There are so many parties and so many gifts (I love gifts) and carols everywhere and yep.. I love Christmas.


I checked in with you guys on instagram recently via a series of polls about how you celebrate Christmas and not surprisingly - there were a lot of mixed responses. Some of you have hot lunches for Christmas and some of you do Secret Santa and some of you love to be surprised but the one poll that had more of an obvious outcome was.. whether you dressed up for Christmas or kept it casual. About 60% of you said you love to dress up and so I’m doing my best to bring you some more fancy festive outfit ideas.


While there’s nothing officially Christmassy about this gorgeous dress from Target, something about it just feels festive. It’s still a light fabric so can cope in the heat and because it’s black and white it’s so easy to add a red lip or some red and green accessories to make it feel really fun.


Even if you aren’t buying a new outfit for Christmas (most years I want to buy something but can’t justify it) you can still use this for your inspiration. Find a black or white dress in your wardrobe or even a striped number and just add festive accessories. If you can’t afford a new dress or top (and let’s be honest, who can at Christmas with all that gift buying) just buy a new pair of red earrings and you’ll instantly feel more festive!


Although.. this dress was only $15 so pretty easy on the wallet!


Dress: Target
Shoes: Country Road
Bag: Gift from a friend
Watch: Fossil Hybrid

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