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Sleepwear turned daywear

Sleepwear turned daywear


I have found the perfect way to make that lazy want to sleep in forever Sunday feeling last forever.. wear your pyjamas out in public!


Of course it depends on the pyjamas and in this case my pyjama top is a plain grey tee from ALDI (boy I love ALDI) so it's not exactly the same daring move that most fashionista's are employing - the silk pyjama style - but it's a step in the right direction.


I felt comfortably ALL DAY. Also, my new skirt. It's made from the same European Denim as my favourite Forever New jeans (I guess cos it's a Forever New denim skirt) and I'm obsessed. 


I don't know if I've owned a denim skirt since Grade 10 (when I was probably more like a size 10) because they don't really make great denim skirts for girls of my size. They are normally too short and I like to also dress modestly and not have to shave any higher than my knees. While this skirt has a split I'm still getting used to - I know I'll wear it constantly. 


Happy days!


Skirt: Forever New
Top: ALDI (part of a pyjama set)
Shoes: Spendless Shoes (or to be honest could be Payless)
Earrings: Seed
Sunglasses: Witchery
Bag: French Connection

The long and short of it

The long and short of it

The dress everyone needs

The dress everyone needs