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The Jeans That Changed Everything

The Jeans That Changed Everything

This are the jeans that brought me to my self imposed shopping ban.


While I sort of bought them in a bit of a blur I think the excuses I used to justify the purchase were something along the lines of..

  • They look so good on me.. good jeans are hard to find!

  • If I spend over $100, I get a $10 reward on my loyalty program

  • The salesperson said these were more of a limited run.. not part of their standard range

  • I was able to size down in them and that made me feel good

  • These are similar to the jeans you already own but they have a really different hem line and that’s really important

Do any of these sound familiar? I’ve used lots more over the years and my ability to rationalise is second to none. Normally I can rationalise almost anything but for some reason after purchasing these jeans (and the white top in this picture).. I felt something different.


It didn’t kick in immediately but came when I had to buy a birthday gift and I had to transfer some money from my savings (happens occasionally based on the way I budget) and I took a good look at the account and realised I’d made a lot of small choices along the way that had led me to this moment. I didn’t feel guilt exactly or even panic although it was somewhere in between the two. Whatever the feeling, it was intense enough for me to examine my life (well a good chunk of it) and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I’d done that led me here.


As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to go on a shopping ban. I returned a dress that I bought for an event that when I tried it on - was realistically too similar to another dress I already owned for me to keep it. I started thinking about all the other different ways I could fix my money problems and I thought long and hard about whether to return the jeans.

It’s definitely the most logical decision. Return them. You know you don’t need them right?

I decided to keep them. I actually want to be reminded of the purchase that made me stop and think. Each time I pull on these jeans I want to remember that feeling.. not guilt.. not panic (I’m not into punishing myself).. but an intense awareness of the precipice I was standing on and the choice I made to go a different way. These jeans represent a bad choice but they also were the start of many other good decisions that I will continue to make over the next 6 months. I want to remember the moment.


These were the last purchases I made and I can look back on them as the moment I changed

Shirt: Witchery
Jeans: Witchery ‘Bella’ Jeans
Gumboots: Mine were from a random boutique but they often sell similar at Seed and Witchery
Bag: Marcs Clothing “reversible” bag
Watch: Fossil Hybrid Smartwach

This Ends Now

This Ends Now