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The Truth about Activewear

The Truth about Activewear

Can I be truthful with you?


I HATE exercise. You might feel like HATE is a strong word but for me it's pretty accurate. I think one of the things I hate most about it is how uncomfortable it is for me. I'm not fit and I live in a hot climate (yikes I actually talk about the heat a lot) and let's be real honest - finding comfortable clothes to work out in is difficult. I'm often sitting on the borderline in terms of sizing, typically sitting in most brands or companys last available size and really - the clothes probably aren't designed for someone exactly like me. They might *fit* but they aren't usually comfortable and if you aren't comfortable or you don't feel good in your clothes (any and every kind including work out gear) you are less likely to enjoy your activity.


With things like tights and sports bras I typically only have one great option (that I wear to death) because it's so difficult to find something that works for me. Enter, Active Truth. 


Somehow through the magic of instagram algorithm's an Active Truth ad appeared in my feed and I was intrigued because the model looked around my size. I then saw it was recommended by Zoe Foster Blake and I next minute I was deep in their website investigating whether or not my dream of beautiful activewear could come true. Guys, it has!!


These tights are awesome. They are SO slimming and supportive (they have an awesome maternity range too) and I could easily buy my size and I have a feeling they will last forever. I was a bit nervous to buy the beautiful prints and colours from a company I had never tried before but I'm sure I'll will be back buying fun and flirty prints. 


While the tights are the feature of the post I must also mention that my go to sports bra (aka the only bra that can handle me) is by Intimo and if you're like me - you haven't felt supported until you try their sports bras. Has anyone else had success in finding amazing active wear?


Oh, and they are great to work out in too!

Tights: Active Truth
Top: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Sketchers
Hat: Adidas
Watch: Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch
Water Bottle: Tupperwear baby.

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