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Wardrobe Malfunctions & The Importance of Staples

Wardrobe Malfunctions & The Importance of Staples

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This is a cautionary tale about best laid plans and wardrobe stresses and the important of having some key wardrobe staples.

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It was my sister's birthday on Friday and as part of the celebrations we bought tickets to Aladdin the musical - woohoo! I love a good musical and Aladdin was definitely a favourite in my household growing up.

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I was planning on wearing a beautiful vintage dress that had beautiful gold detailing (very Aladdin appropriate I must say). I haven't fit into it in a little while but I've been looking after myself recently and was pretty sure it would fit. Anyway, I was taking my time getting ready and doing my hair (no small feat) when we realised we couldn't pre-book parking and we would need to leave a bit earlier to ensure we jagged a park. Right before we were about to leave I threw the dress on and it just wasn't a comfortable fit. EEEK!

Aladdin 6.JPG

What to do?

Aladdin 7.JPG

I must stress the importance of having a few key wardrobe staples for all different occaisions. A little black dress (or 3) is critical in this kind of situation. I threw on a slip and this lace overlay and ran out the door.

Aladdin 8.JPG

So.. it wasn't what I was planning on but a full blow wardrobe crisis averted. You NEED to have some go-to items in your wardrobe just for those moments when you drop toothepaste on your dress just before leaving or you rip a skirt etc etc. 

Aladdin 9.JPG

Oh, the musical was fabulous! Go and see it if you still can.

Dress: Vintage
Slip: Uninmportant
Shoes: ASOS (really old)
Bag: Mecca Cosmetics (yes, it's a makeup bag technically)



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