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What are you drawn to

What are you drawn to


What's your signature style? What are you drawn to when it comes to fashion?


For me, it's stripes. I realised I had an obsession with stripes, not from just looking in my wardrobe which should have been obvious, but when shopping with friends and family I would always pick up a striped top or dress or even pants and say "Ooo I love this" and people would respond with "Of course, it's striped".


I have always wanted my own "style" or a "signature" Steff look and I finally realised that for me, it's beautifully textured clothes that were typically, striped.


Now you might say, "stripes" can't be a "signature style" Steff. Everyone loves and wears stripes and it's probably true.. but I think whatever you are both drawn to and known for is your signature style. Just like a signature scent that when you smell it people think "that smells like __" I think it is the same way with clothes.


It has definitely made shopping a lot easier knowing what I like. I quickly investigate all the stripes options in a store and then move on to green tops or pants and then on to basics. Every now and then I branch out (and I have some fun things coming to the blog that are a classic example of me stepping out of my striped comfort zone) but I think it's often good to stay true to your own style.


What's your signature style? Bright colours? Tshirts with fun prints? Nautical?


Jeans: Forever New
Top: Seed Heritage
Bag: Witchery (old)
Shoes: Country Road
Sunglasses: Witchery (old)

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